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The History Of Flossing (Infographic)

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Although many of us are afraid of visiting the dentist, they only want two things from us; to brush our teeth twice per day and to floss once per day. Follow these two recommendations and there’s a good chance you’ll be able to keep your teeth for ever.

But who was the first human who realized the importance of flossing? How did they floss in 18th century when nylon wasn’t invented yet? When did the first oral irrigator hit the market?

Here’s our infographic that will hopefully give you answers on all those questions.

Brief data from the infographic

  • Some evidence suggests that prehistoric cavemen used horse hair as floss and twigs as toothpicks
  • The first dental floss was invented in 1819 by an American dentist
  • Mass production of dental floss first happened in late 19th century
  • The first water flosser was invented in 1962
  • The interdental toothbrush was invented in the 80s


flossing infographic

Further read

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