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Moen vs Kohler: Which One is Better?

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Moen vs. Kohler: Which One’s Better?

Decorating your home is all about the perfect little details that reflect your personality and make each room look cozy and stylish. A high-quality cooker is as important as a comfortable couch. And a faucet is just as essential as everything else in the kitchen. A suitable model can make all your cooking and washing related tasks easier and more enjoyable.

Moen vs Kohler

But aren’t all faucets the same? And what do you have to consider when choosing the best kitchen faucet for your home? Here’s a comparison of two top-rated kitchen faucet brands – Moen and Kohler.

Who Are Moen and Kohler?

Moen faucets are designed to help you be as efficient as possible. Minimal splashing, high-pressure spray heads, flexibility, and durability, all packed into a nice-looking faucet that will fit in almost any kitchen. The company’s drive for innovation led them to design touchless faucets with motion-detecting sensors that allow you to keep your faucet clean at all times.

Kohler offers a wide variety of stylish, simplistic faucets of exceptional quality. The company has been around for almost 150 years. During this time, they’ve also been dedicated to eco-friendly and sustainable practices, while at the same time actively shaping the future of home decor.

Kohler has also made its products sustainable as the company’s very socially aware and responsible.

What Will We Compare?

There are some fundamental elements of a quality faucet you should consider when buying one for your home. Design, finish, durability, additional features, price, and installation should all be taken into account. You’ll read about these features of Moen and Kohler faucets in the next section.

1. Appearance

Moen’s offer includes hundreds of great-looking, stylish faucets that are highly functional at the same time. Faucets coming from Moen look undoubtedly beautiful and will give any kitchen a modern or traditional final touch, depending on what you like. A wisely chosen finish can, for example, really make a difference. [1]

Moen is known for its finish technology, which guarantees a spotless faucet without scratches or fingerprints. The faucets come with a matte black, oil-rubbed bronze, chrome, and stainless steel finish. We compared stainless steel and chrome faucets here.

Kohler faucets are all about durability and simple, but elegant style. They may not have as decorative models as Moen, but they offer a large number of different shapes, sizes, and high-quality finishes.

The known shiny finish is the result of Kohler’s advanced knowledge of anti-corrosion, discoloration, and anti-rust protection for their vibrant stainless, oil-rubbed bronze and polished chrome finishes.

2. Quality

Both of these two brands guarantee high-quality faucets that will stand the test of time.

Moen’s technology has been focusing on the prevention of mineral buildup on the spout, as well as water spots, fingerprints, and tarnishing. They also have an antimicrobial feature that keeps the faucet clean and prevents unpleasant odors. [2]

Microban antimicrobial protection helps protect the products of leading manufacturers around the world. We’re pleased to add Moen faucets to the more than 1,000 products we help make easier to clean and keep cleaner for longer

Kevin Parrish, Microban International

Kohler’s technology refers to vibrant finishes with molecules attached to the faucet by PVD (physical vapor deposition). This makes them scratch-proof and keeps them shiny and protected for a long period of time.

3. Basic and Additional Features

Both Moen and Kohler have a wide range of kitchen faucet models that vary in size, finish, and features. From basic one-hole spouts to more advanced models with side sprayers or pull-down options, the choice is entirely yours. These pull-down or pull-out models can be extremely useful. They have flexible spray heads that allow you to pour water in a dish outside of the sink, or reach every corner of it when cleaning.

When it comes to touch and hands-free technology, both brands offer innovative products that will make your kitchen tasks much neater.

Touch and touchless kitchen faucets are suitable for those who are busy and like to multitask – wash, cut, knead, and peel at the same time. Your faucet will stay clean regardless of your hands!

Moen introduces Power Boost technology that enables more powerful water flow for fast dish-washing. The company’s MotionSense feature contains up to two sensors – on top of the faucet and inside its base. You can either activate the water flow or turn it off by waving in front of the sensor.

Kohler also offers the touchless type of faucets that are entirely compliant with their water-saving philosophy. [3] Their products use Response technology that automatically shuts off the water flow when there’s no motion in front of the sensor for four minutes.

4. Price

Kohler is one of the kitchen faucet brands with the longest tradition in the market. It isn’t surprising that their products are also slightly more expensive than other brands, given their quality and durability.

However, the prices depend on individual products, their functions, and other aspects. The general price range for Moen is $200-300, while for an average Kohler faucet, you’ll need to pay $350-450. It’s up to you to decide if the prices are justified by the value these brands offer.

5. Customer Support

Both companies include a limited lifetime warranty with their faucets. According to user reviews on different websites, their customer support teams are highly responsive and willing to help in any situation. Don’t hesitate to contact them if you’re experiencing issues with their faucets – in many cases, you’ll receive a replacement or necessary repair parts without any problems.

Don’t Make Compromises

As your kitchen deserves the best, this isn’t the place where you should make compromises.

moen vs kohler faucets

When it comes to Moen and Kohler, it doesn’t matter which one you will choose. Both brands offer high-quality, long-lasting products with features that may even make you love cooking and doing dishes if you’re not a fan now.

However, if you want to support a sustainable brand that takes care of the planet, your pick may be Kohler. If you want a more affordable option, you won’t be disappointed with a Moen faucet. We’ve also compared Moen faucets and Delta faucets in this post.


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