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Moen vs Delta: 2 Kitchen Faucet Brands Head to Head

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Moen vs. Delta: 2 Kitchen Faucet Brands, Head to Head

When you’re decorating or remodeling your home, it’s only natural to want every single thing to look just how you imagined it. Having a beautiful, stylish kitchen is essential, and every detail has a role within the kingdom of food. In that respect, faucets aren’t something you should neglect, right?

Moen Vs. Delta

But how do you choose the best kitchen faucet for your sink? We’ve compared two high-quality brands to help you decide!

The Criteria

For this Moen vs Delta faucets comparison, we’ve taken different aspects into account. Both brands are popular in the U.S. and make quality kitchen faucets. They’re known for their excellent performance, stylish look, and use of the latest technologies in the field. Their products might be similar, but there’s always the small details that separates one brand from another, although each has its loyal fans.

Moen has been on the market for quite a while. Founded in 1937, the company is dedicated to high-quality, innovative products that make our lives easier.

Delta’s faucets have also been around for a long time, and their best feature is simple design and high functionality improved by modern, exclusive technology.

The aspects we’ve decided to compare are design, durability, special features, installation, warranty, and price.

1. Design

Have you always wanted a rustic, vintage-looking kitchen that reminds you of your grandmother’s? Or perhaps you’d like to prepare your morning coffee in a contemporary, elegant environment? Whatever your preferences, both Moen and Delta have a wide variety of faucet models to choose from (over 100, in fact).

Moen has a broader range of possibilities, including everything from the traditional and basic, to more contemporary and transitional models. This brand features four basic shades, the conventional ones – steel, matte black, chrome, and bronze.

Delta offers a wide variety of colors and finishes. Their faucet models include pull-out, pull-down, and other types of faucets.

The finish is partially a question of appearance, and it should fit with the rest of your kitchen’s design. Or maybe not? There are styles you can combine, and your kitchen will still look impeccable. In that regard, faucets give you plenty of room for experimentation.

It’s OK to have a champagne bronze faucet and a stainless steel appliance – it still looks good, and it looks like your meant to do it.

Bobby Berk, interior designer

2. Durability

On the other hand, the finish is an essential element of the faucet’s durability. As it’s always in touch with water, a high-quality faucet must be protected from tarnishing and corrosion. [1]

Both Moen and Delta have well-regarded exclusive finish technologies developed to protect the faucet surface from fingerprints, discoloration, water stains, and mineral buildup. Therefore, you’ll spend less time cleaning your kitchen with a faucet that basically takes care of itself.

Delta’s powerful technology can even prevent unpleasant odors caused by microbes building up on the faucet. This technology contributes to the high durability of these brand’s models, as they’re also scratch-proof.

3. Special Features

As mentioned, both brands sell different types of faucets, from pull-downs to hands-free models. Pull-downs are considered extraordinarily efficient and trendy, as they enable high flexibility within the sink and on the countertop.

Moen’s Power Clean technology offers a powerful spray, but it’s contained just enough not to make a mess in your kitchen. Delta’s ShieldSpray also features a sphere around the spray, which prevents the water from splashing the surrounding area.

When it comes to touchless faucets, Moen’s faucets have one or two sensors on top of the tap that easily detect motion. Delta built-in sensors can register movement and activate the water flow as well. Still, most of their models feature touch technology. This means the water flow is activated when you touch the faucet with any part of your hand or arm.

Moen’s filtering system is compliant with the ADA Standards for Accessible Design. It means they enable equitable, simple, and intuitive use, they’re flexible, require low physical effort, and more. [2]

If you’re into modern technology and innovation, you’ll probably find a suitable model among Moen’s touchless faucets, which are also eco-friendly, as the water flow shuts off automatically when there’s no motion detected.

4. Installation

This part depends on the model. One-hole faucets are typically simple to install by yourself, while a wall-mounted model would require a professional.

However, according to some customer reviews, Moen made sure that some more complex models are also easy to install. The company did this by introducing the hydro lock connection system. Now you can install the faucet with minimal tools and expertize in even less time than before. [3]

5. Warranty

The warranty period depends on the product and its features. For example, the touchless faucets typically have a five-year warranty. Still, if you use them for commercial purposes, this period can be shortened.

Both brands cover a wide range of issues with their lifetime limited warranties.

Models that contain sensors have separate warranties for different parts. Moen’s warranty covers almost everything, except for the potential damage you make while installing the faucet itself.

6. Price

Both brands feature models in different price ranges. The cheaper ones may lack some advanced features but are still high-quality products.

However, you may be looking to fit this purchase into a budget. In that case, you may opt for a Delta faucet. The quality won’t be compromised, but you may get yourself a less expensive deal.

delta vs moen faucets

Final Thoughts

Whether you choose Moen or Delta, you can’t go wrong with either of these two brands. Moen is more into technology and applying the newest advances to their smart faucets, while Delta relies more on the durability and simplicity of their classy spouts. More or less, it depends on what you need in your kitchen and what features you expect from a faucet.

Undoubtedly, if you take the overall quality into account, it’s almost impossible to declare a winner. No wonder these two brands almost always stand side by side whenever kitchen design is up for discussion. By the way, we also compared Moen faucets and Kohler faucets in this post.


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