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Garbage Disposal Installation Cost Guide

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Garbage Disposal Installation Cost Guide

Having a garbage disposal unit in your kitchen makes the cleanup process faster and easier. A lot of kitchens come with garbage disposals already installed, but sometimes it’s an investment worth making.

garbage disposal installation cost and guide

Even the best garbage disposal unit doesn’t last forever, and you might need to replace it after 12-15 years of continuous use. Unlike other, easily replaceable appliances, installing a new garbage disposal unit costs more and usually requires professional help.

Garbage Disposal Type

Before you start working out the costs involved, there’s one major decision to make. Choosing the feed type.

Continuous feed garbage disposals are cheaper and perhaps easier to use. Whereas batch feed garbage disposals are more expensive and require more time and effort. The average price of continuous feed type is around $170, and the batch feed types $220. The price for both can start from as low as $70 or be as high as $350. Depending on the horsepower and quality of the material

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And you can expect that the cheaper units will produce more noise and won’t be as effective at grinding up certain types of food. The price tag usually reflects the speed of the garbage disposal and the overall durability.

A batch feed garbage disposal will use less water and ensure your water bill isn’t a factor in the final cost. But if you don’t produce much food waste, it’s probably not the best choice.

Initial Installation Cost

Purchasing garbage disposal unit is one thing, but installing it is something else. Plenty of people tend to see this as a DIY project and, with the help of YouTube or other apps, manage to save some money on installation. [1]

However, for the most part, people need help, and this is where the final cost of installing a garbage disposal unit can drastically vary. You can use the Internet to look for the projected cost of garbage disposal installation in your zip code. The hourly cost of labor is something to ask about beforehand. Depending on where you live, the prices can range between $20 to $40.

And there are other costs to consider. For example, if you don’t have an electrical outlet in the proximity of the garbage disposal, you’ll have to install one. And even though the outlet itself isn’t expensive, the electrician’s labor will be.

Other Considerations

Once you’ve figured out what kind of garbage disposal you want, and what the labor cost is going to be, there are other factors that could affect the installation cost. It might not be something to think about at first, but garbage disposals also have upgrades and accessories. Here are a few to consider:

  • Push Button System – If the switch for your garbage disposal is somewhere that’s inconvenient to reach, you can ask for a push-button kit that costs around $40.
  • Sink Baffle – this is a small tool that will ensure the cutlery won’t go down the garbage disposal. (2) It costs around $10.
  • Scent Release – This tool seals the top of the garbage disposal and makes sure that your kitchen stays odorless. The average price is around $30.
  • Dishwasher Drain Connector – Decreases the strain on your plumbing system. For around $12, a dishwasher drain connector will help clean out the pipes from all the waste that your dishwasher typically pushes through.

Also, if your house is connected to a septic system, you’ll need a particular type of garbage disposal. Something that can grind up the food as fine as possible to prevent any risk of clogging. This means an even higher price tag. (3)

Some manufacturers offer special disposals equipped with cartridges that inject the food waste with natural microorganisms to help with the breakdown of food wastes in a septic tank. Replacement cartridges can cost as little as $15 and last up to six months.

Aaron Stickley from The Spruce

Garbage Disposal Replacement

Even if you’ve maintained your garbage disposal unit in the best way possible, you’ll still have to it replaced, especially if you’ve had the unit for more than ten years. A sure sign this is the case if you have to reach for the switch button several times to grind up food. The blades just aren’t as sharp, and the clogged drains are likely a frequent occurrence. Since you already have the entire garbage disposal system in place, including electrical and plumbing, it’s just about changing the unit. Or is it?

That all depends. Before installing a new garbage disposal unit, you’ll need a plumber to remove the old one. And that, including the condition of the pipes, will also determine the price of replacement. Overall, the cost of replacing the old garbage disposal for a new one isn’t significantly cheaper than the initial garbage disposal installation.

Maintaining your garbage disposal will make it last much longer. This means avoiding things like raw bones, coffee grounds, and excessive grease and oil.

The End Price

Just like with everything else, with garbage disposals, you get what you paid for. Overall the average cost of garbage disposal installation in the US is $300. And the prices will range anywhere from $250-$400. If the installation requires more work or you want upgrades, the bill can go even higher. One thing is certain, you should always be aware of the hidden costs and check the average hourly rates of local handymen and plumbers.


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