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Best Kitchen Sinks

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A kitchen sink can change everything, and it is an essential decorative element in a kitchen. Are you thinking and don’t know which kitchen sink to choose? Do not panic about the price, maintenance etc. Here is all you need to know to choose the right kitchen sink.

Concentrate on the material. Our tests demonstrated that the material is more critical than the make. So we based our assessments of kitchen sinks entirely on materials.

But how do you pick the most suitable one? Yes, you have easy access to product reviews, but that’s time-consuming, and literally not practical to read all of them. Good for you, we have gone through a lot of sinks and picked out ten of the best sinks out there.

Each review goes into brief details on the features, pros and cons and how these sinks perform in real-kitchen situations. Through the years we have researched a lot of sinks, some good, some better and some bad. Well with the selection below we’re pretty sure you don’t have to worry about getting stuck with a poorly designed sink.

Depending on the style of the kitchen, the sink can be a focal point, so make sure you take the time to pick out the right one!

Our review process

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Best Kitchen Sinks of 2020: Buying Tips

A new milestone in the design for Kitchen Sinks. The deep square bowls and radius fewer corners of the Tirana series easily fit into the trendiest kitchen. The Tirana sink has four holes to install a faucet and soap dispenser. Three holes come with stainless steel plugs if you don’t want to use them. This sink has a standard size of 33 inches x 22 inches, making it suitable for fitting in most existing cut out space in the old sink. Their sinks are designed in the Italian style, and that is why they have an Italian name, despite being an American company. If you prize quality and aesthetics for your kitchen sink, then you’ll likely be impressed by the offerings from Ruvati.

  • 16-gauge premium T-304 stainless steel prevents stain and rust
  • The brushed finish makes it easy to wipe clean
  • Basket strainer drain allows easy filtering of food waste

How do I choose a kitchen sink size?

An ideal kitchen sink sizes is a must-have for all kitchen-spaces. Why so? Well, they supply water to Clean the raw vegetables and meat, Wash the dishes, and many more!

Additionally, they seem seamlessly blend with the decor and add a touch of exquisiteness to the overall kitchen outlook.

The kitchen sink is (arguably) the most-used fixture in the room; you need to choose the right one for your kitchen and your needs. One of the most important factors is the size of the sink.

If you’re simply replacing an existing sink and not the counter, your sink size is predetermined (unless you want to replace a single-bowl with a double or vice-versa). But if you’re designing a new kitchen or replacing the entire sink area, you’ll need to choose the size that best fits your specific needs.

The Basic Idea

Sink base size (inches) – 3 inches = the maximum size of sink you should go for.

Why? Undermount sinks need to be mounted below the counters. You won’t be able to see it, but there is a 1.5-inch lip of the sink that needs to add to your counters on each side. Therefore, you need at least three extra inches for the sink to fit into your base cabinet.

The main types of sinks

Without speaking of materials, shapes or sizes, we distinguish sinks according to their installation method: countertop sink, built-in sink, integrated sink.

Countertop sink

Countertop sinks, as their name suggests, are placed on a piece of furniture specially designed to receive them: a sink unit. The sink and the sink cabinet must be compatible in size because the rim of the tank (s) rests on the cabinet.

There are also sinks where the entire container (s) rests on the cabinet (and not only the rims), which means that the cabinet must be low enough so that the sink does not end up too high because it will be completely apparent.

This type of sink limits you in the choice because it must imperatively match the under-sink cabinet in return, its installation is relatively simple. A countertop sink requires regular maintenance and cleaning (exposed edges and seals).

Built-in sink

Built-in sinks fit into the previously cut worktop. Suffice to say that you can install them wherever you want (which optimizes your space as best as possible without having to install a specific piece of furniture).

This type of sink is available in a multitude of different shapes, sizes, materials and colours.

So you can find a built-in sink that will go perfectly with the design of your kitchen. Installation requires more attention than for a sink, but maintenance is also more comfortable.

Built-in Sinks (Integrated sinks)

Built-in sinks are also called undermount sinks. Technically very close to built-in sinks, undermount sinks are fixed under (and not on) the worktop.

This installation keeps a smooth work surface and greatly facilitates maintenance. The installation is, however, delicate because it is necessary to cut the worktops to the right dimensions.

For this type of sink, it is recommended to orient your choice towards a resistant but light material (resin or stainless steel).

The undermount sinks are very aesthetic and go perfectly with a designer kitchen.

Best Workstation Kitchen Sink

Ruvati 33 x 22 Inch Drop-in Topmount 16 Gauge Zero-Radius Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Single Bowl – RVH8001

If you are looking for a high-quality single-bowl kitchen sink topmount made of stainless steel, then go for the Ruvati 33 x 22-inch model. This sink is available in a range of sizes and with pre-drilled holes for your faucet. Moreover, Ruvati has a beautiful brushed finish that is sure to look good with most kitchen designs.

The best feature – Rubber Pads of great quality to soundproof your water flow. This also reduces condensation.

Other user-friendly features that come with this sink include a rinse grid to prevent scratches, a basket strainer drain assembly, cut-out template, mounting clips, and an installation guide.

  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • Stylish
  • High quality
  • Well insulated and protected

This bottom of the sink is tilted for optimal drainage and is also not that deep for washing. Stainless steel, topmount sink at this price and quality is a bargain that is very hard to beat. This product has everything that you need to install a functional and stylish sink that will last for years.

  • Installation type: Top mount
  • Minimum cabinet size: 33″ x 22″
  • Number of bowls: 1
  • Divider style: Low
  • Material type: Stainless Steel
  • Sizes available: 4

Best Dual Mount Kitchen Sink

Kraus KHF203-36 Standart Pro Stainless Steel Sink

This sink from Kraus has a 60/40 split double bowl design, with one bowl that is slightly larger than the other. If you need a large sink with multiple chambers, this is a great option. You can use it to sort clean and dirty dishes, and the barrier is significant enough that water won’t seep between them. It has around apron design that installs beneath the counter, which gives it a very seamless look. It also has the option for flush mount and top mount installation.

This sink is made with extremely tough 16 gauge stainless steel that is dent resistant. It has a 3.5 inch rear set drain opening designed for natural drainage. The sink comes with everything you need for drain assembly, as well as a bottom grid, basket strainer, and Kraus kitchen towel.

  • installation type: Undermount
  • Minimum cabinet size: 35. 87 inch L x 20. 75 inch W x 10 inch
  • Number of bowls: 2
  • Divider style: 60/40
  • Material type: Stainless Steel
  • Sizes available: 7

Best Value Kitchen Sink

Kraus KHU100-30 Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Kraus KHU100-30 is a leader in the production of the best kitchen sinks with excellent quality. Their manufactured sink is of excellent quality and usually meets the quality standards. It is made of 16 mm thick stainless steel and is designed for durability and long life. The sink is resistant to corrosion and damage, which extends its service life.

The size of this sink is 30 x 18 inches and has a depth of 10 inches, so there is more room for your dishes and pots when you are doing your dishes. It has a flexible base to reduce the noise level. The sink comes with a Klaus tea towel and a basket sieve.

This sink is made of stainless steel with 16 gauges and is really smooth as that of an expensive sink. The corners of this sink are machined, and a superb finish is given by Kraus. The entire underside of the sink is coated with a really thicker foam which I have not found in other sinks.

  1. Comes with everything you need for assembly
  2. Comes with basket strainer and dish grid
  3. Sound absorbing NoiseDefend technology
  4. The round front design makes for a seamless installation
  5. Two chambers give you more room to work with
  • Installation type: Undermount
  • Minimum cabinet size: 30 x 18 x 10 inches
  • Number of bowls: 1
  • Divider style: Full
  • Material type: Stainless Steel
  • Sizes available: 4

Top Rated Durable Kitchen Sink

Kraus Standart PRO 32-inch 16 Gauge Undermount Single Bowl Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Despite the relative novelty in the production of household appliances for bathrooms and kitchens, Kraus produces high-quality and well-thought-out products. The company was founded in 2007 and is now a rising star in the household appliances sector. They focus on kitchen and bathroom accessories such as taps and washbasins. Kraus is located outside the state of New York but has more than 100,000 square meters of storage space throughout the country so that your goods can be delivered on time. Kraus strives to combine quality, beauty and affordability in its products.

  • Indestructible construction- T304 stainless steel in TRU 16 real gauge. It is 1.5 mm thick. It has superior strength and durability.
  • Drain opening – 3.5″. It provides more usable space.
  • Commercial-grade satin finish- easy to clean corrosion and rust resistance.
  • Sound guard undercoating with the extra thick covering pads.
  • Extra deep bowl for large pans and dishes.

Kraus’ stainless-steel undermount kitchen sink (KHU100-32) sets an example of how it combines quality and an affordable price in its products. In addition to the robust, heavy-duty stainless-steel exterior, each KHU100-32 offers a limited lifetime warranty, free cooking utensils and Kraus patented soundproofing technology. All these features and the universal look of the sink help us to choose the right sink for this category.

  • Installation type: Undermount
  • Minimum cabinet size: 32 x 19 x 10 inches
  • Number of bowls: 1
  • Divider style: Full
  • Material type: Stainless Steel
  • Sizes available: 1

New Age Modern Kitchen Sinks – Editor’s Pick

White Color Kitchen Sinks

Kraus KEU-14 WHITE Pintura Kitchen Sink

The elegant sink on our list is the sink Kraus KEU-14 WHITE Pintura.

In terms of appearance, you can undoubtedly say that it is a sink that offers a modern and fashionable style of the entire kitchen. If you’re a fan of cast iron sinks, but you’re worried about their heaviness, this model is the something that is coming out from your wildest imaginations.

The sink is made of stainless steel but has the impression of enameled cast iron, which significantly reduces the weight of the installation. With a rubber gasket and a layer of foil underneath, the sink is practically soundproofed.

Heavy Duty Kitchen Sinks

Sarlai SUS3219R1 32 Inch Ledge

Another of the most popular on our list is the Sarlai SUS3219R1 32 Inch Ledge. It is an industrial-grade stainless steel sink, which is suitable for both domestic and intensive industrial use, e.g. in the big busy restaurants and bars.

The unique thing about this sink is that it has a frame on which you can place cutting boards and much more, and also save space if you don’t do the dishes.

It is made of high-quality stainless steel that can withstand both high temperatures and can carry the right amount of weight. It has an anti-corrosion function that ensures that the sink remains as good as the new one even after intensive use.

Grey Color Kitchen Sinks

Kraus KGD-442GREY Grey Kitchen Sink

The first one on our list is the Kraus KGD-442GREY Grey Sink. This premium sink is made of high-quality granite composite material with a smooth structure and overall look.

It can be installed being under the mount or be connected via drop-in. This versatility allows you to choose the installation style that best suits your workbench.

Made from 80% quartz material, it is a highly durable sink that gives a stone-like look to the kitchen sinks without being non-porous for easy cleaning.

I know some people might have concerns about their integrity. However, I have to say the granite composite is quite durable but not on the same level with the stainless ones for sure.

This undermount kitchen sink has a double bowl design which many people prefer. Even with the design of the bowls, Kraus has been smarter as they went with the 60/40 portion sinks.

So, there is more space to work within one side of the divider.

Also, love the fact; it is so easy to clean. Just take a wet cloth and wipe the whole thing within seconds — no-nonsense of trying to get rid of the scratches and all that with this sink.

Best Pick – Small Size Kitchen Sink Online

Kraus KHU100-28 Kitchen Sink, 28 Inch

This sink is not only an ideal size but also a sturdy stainless steel T304 construction that ensures a long life for regular kitchens life-cycle.

Its 16 Gauge thickness doesn’t let any dent take place on the sink.

Aspects that everyone wants to see first are the grooves designed to prevent the water from leaving the bottom of the sink and draining the water in seconds.

How to use a kitchen sink?

Besides the dishwasher, the kitchen sink is sound equipment for cleaning your various utensils, but also for food such as fruits and vegetables. To benefit from the proper use of your material, we invite you to follow this article which aims to inform you on the subject if you are a beginner in its use.

Choose its location

Before you start using your equipment, you should always begin with its installation. The choice of its area is crucial because it determines the style of decoration of your kitchen. However, make sure these dimensions match the space you set aside for your sink. Generally, it comes with a manual, otherwise and if you are new to handling this kind of equipment, call on people with the necessary skills.

Adapt your sink to your decoration

The appearance of your sink should be chosen according to the decoration of your kitchen. Therefore, you can benefit from a friendly and pleasant space to watch. Make sure your equipment has the right aesthetic to decorate your culinary preparation plan without causing style concerns. Certain sink brings a plus in the ornament of your kitchen with its particular design. With an elegant slate gray hue, for example, it can quickly adapt to any decoration model that may be in front of it.

Inspect its dimensions

Make sure that the dimensions of your equipment are compatible with those of its location. Otherwise, you may encounter installation concerns. But also, make sure that your equipment has adequate measures so that you do not have to run out of space in your cleaning activity. This will allow you to have an ample area to stack your dirty utensils without cluttering your work plan.

Check its manufacturing material

Verification of the manufacturing material is also necessary. Make sure your equipment has attributes of strength and moisture resistance. Since your sink will be in permanent contact with all types of liquid, inspect its structure if it offers striking characteristics against this kind of phenomenon. A given model can be mainly made of natural granite. With this design, its robustness is optimized to provide you with good longevity.

Inspect its capacity

Even if you have a sink with a large capacity in your possession, try not to overload your worktop. Make sure you practice your activity methodically using the compartments for dirty dishes and those to rinse. This will allow you to benefit from a practical time-saving in terms of cleaning.

Maintain your sink

To ensure the longevity of your equipment, maintain it regularly. Clean grease stains and other residues that could result from your washing and that could damage it, but also maintain proper hygiene of your worktop. But for this, use suitable and recommended products to avoid damaging your kitchen sink.

How to choose your kitchen sink: materials, models and prices

The kitchen sink is no longer just about washing dishes or cleaning your hands and certain foods. Today, its shapes, colors and materials make it perfectly integrated into the style of the kitchen, from the most classic to the most design. Good quality kitchen sinks are also very resistant to impact, scratches and temperature variations. Our advice for making the right choice.

What material should you choose for your kitchen sink?

Their resistance to shocks, temperature variations, scratches and their ease of maintenance determine the choice of material over another for a kitchen sink.

The stainless steel kitchen sink

Stainless steel is the material of professional kitchens par excellence. Because it is first hygienic, resistant to cold, later. In addition, choosing a stainless steel kitchen sink with its brushed metal effect color is the assurance of giving a very modern and design look to your room.

Stainless steel is not a fragile material as one might think, except for satin stainless steel which does not tolerate scratches. There are anti-scratch treated stainless steel on the market (stainless steel honeycomb and stainless steel microstructure), also very resistant to all kinds of soiling and even to water. However, lower quality stainless steel requires very regular cleaning to maintain its original state.

The kitchen sink in stoneware or ceramic

Kitchen sinks in stoneware or ceramic are classics. They are elegant and excellent. They also have the advantage of being very simple to maintain, and they are not afraid of chemicals.

On the other hand, these types of kitchen sinks have the disadvantage of being heavy, which can present problems for their installation. They are also quite sensitive to shocks and extreme temperature changes.

The granite kitchen sink

Like sandstone and ceramic, granite has the same advantages of robustness and ease of maintenance. But, in addition, he does not fear significant differences in temperature. A material particularly well suited therefore to kitchen sinks as it is effortless to clean.

The resin kitchen sink

Synthetic resin is invited in all rooms of the house, and the kitchen sink is not to be outdone. This material is very resistant to thermal shock, and it is easy to clean. On the aesthetic side, the synthetic resin allows offering a wide range of shapes and colours (red, blue, green, orange, etc.) for a modern and trendy effect assured of your kitchen sink.

The tempered glass kitchen sink

Design and sober, the tempered glass gives the kitchen sink originality and shine. It is a very trendy material. However, be careful of traces of water in particular mark on this material, and it is a little challenging to clean. In any case, it requires the use of specific products and techniques.

The waxed concrete kitchen sink

With its raw, smooth or even satin finishes, waxed concrete is very well suited to kitchen sinks. Also because it is an ultra-resistant material to shocks, variations in heat and water. It also allows you to offer a wide choice of colours.

The Top Brands for Kitchen Sinks

Our top three brand picks for stainless steel sinks are Kraus, Ruvati, and Frigidaire.

Although Kraus is a recognized brand, it specializes in sinks and bathrooms. They do an excellent job and have long offered a modern design and functionality of their products.

Ruwati has specialized in kitchen sinks. They are manufactured in the United States, Europe and Asia, which allows for high-quality production control. The design is smooth, functional and specially designed for a multi-functional home cook.

Frigidaire is an expert in everything to do with kitchenware. They offer filters for water and air, as well as appliances, accessories and equipment materials.

Zuhne – is the least experienced group with half a century of history in the field. Although this is true, Zuhne has been meeting these requirements for some time now, given the fact that it is receiving more and more attention. It seems that this is due to its range of cheaper, average, but standard products.

Frequently asked Questions

What is the best material for a kitchen sink?

Each material has its advantages and disadvantages, but the choice depends mainly on the design of your kitchen. The most used and the most practical is the stainless steel model, which can be used by both professionals and individuals. The resin sink painted in black or white may interest you if you are looking for design, to change from the classic ceramic sink. If you want to follow the trend, opt for a granite or sandstone accessory. Finally, if you’re going to bring a modern touch to your kitchen, the tempered glass sink is ideal.

How do I unclog a kitchen sink?

There are several ways, the easiest of which is to pour boiling water down the sink. It is also possible to use natural products. Mix 200 g of coarse salt and 200 g of baking soda in 20 cl of white vinegar and Pour this solution into the blocked throat, then let it act for at least half an hour. Then pour boiling water. If the plug persists, you can use chemicals, such as caustic soda or other chemical unblockers to flow into the throat. Leave to act as directed, then rinse with boiling water. Other means require the use of equipment, such as a suction cup, and much more time, such as dismantling the siphon or using a ferret.

How do I place a kitchen sink?

Start by tracing the sink template on the counter. Drill a hole to cut the outline with a jigsaw. Place the sink in the location created, then locate the holes to be drilled for the taps. Then remove the sink, coat its bottom edge with neoprene foam, or simply put rubber tape on it. Then put it back in its final position, in the cut-out location. Secure it with the screws provided, making sure that the clamp keeps it parallel to the counter. Apply clear silicone around the sink for a complete seal. Then you just have to connect the plumbing elements (tap, siphon, etc.).

How do I clean a kitchen sink?

To keep the sink in good condition, simply clean it with soapy water after each dish. If necessary, as it is a water passage element, you can protect it by cleaning it from time to time with a little white vinegar, to prevent limescale encrustation. Finally, it must be adequately dried with a microfiber cloth.

How do I change a kitchen sink?

The ideal is to take the same model of a new sink, to avoid you to redo the same work as during the first installation. Turn off the water supply, then remove the plumbing. Remove the fasteners and sealing materials, then remove the sink. Clean the place to remove the sealing residue, then place the new sink, with its adhesive and with its fixing screws, and the silicone for sealing. Then connect the plumbing to finish.

How Difficult is it to Maintain the Stainless Steel Sink?

Your sink should always be elegant. This means it needs to be cleaned and polished from time to time. Different materials require different levels of care.

For example, if you choose copper, you will have to keep polishing or waxing your outer body of the sink to keep your sink attractive.

The fact is that choosing a sink that is easy to handle when you don’t have much time for routine maintenance is most important.

Easy Steps to Install A Kitchen Sink

Step 1: Remove the existing sink.

Be careful not to damage the water supply system.

Start with the drain and the faucet connection. Use a screwdriver to loosen the clamps and nuts. Use a little force to pull the old sink.

Step 2: Thoroughly Clean the Counter-top & it’s surroundings.

Step 3: Make sure that the new sink fits into the new hole. Don’t forget to leave 1 or 2 inches of reserve area to secure the clamps.

Step 4: Follow the sink manufacturer’s instructions to install the drain hole.

Step 5: Hang the clamps on the circumference and lower the sink.

Remove small clamps, drainage parts and putty from the box that you have received.

Make a streamer strip by rolling the putty in between your fingers. This putty will close the sink & the countertop we need to place.

Place all the clips under the sink and tighten them until the new sink is firmly anchored to the countertop.

Tools you may need while changing the kitchen sink

  1. Screwdriver with multiple heads
  2. Drain wrench and adjustable wrench
  3. Jigsaw, and hacksaw
  4. Slip-joint pliers
  5. A new kitchen sink
  6. Masking tape
  7. Cleaning rag

Few Notable Kitchen Sink Mentions From Editor

  1. Blanco 441285 Diamond Double-Basin Drop-In Granite Kitchen Sink
  2. KOHLER Prolific Workstation Stainless
  3. Franke FHK710-33WH Apron Front Single Bowl Fireclay Kitchen Sink
  4. Houzer E-100 MOCHA Double Mount Bar Sink
  5. LORDEAR LAB3321R1 Black 33 Inch Sink
  6. Sinkology Farmhouse Single Bowl 33 Inch Kitchen Sink


As stainless steel is becoming increasingly popular in the kitchen for kitchen sinks, the number of options in the market has risen sharply. This can be breathtaking for both beginners and experienced customers.

We have tried to combine availability, quality and design in our well-researched review, which has taken us 31 hours to list down the best for our readers.

But our editor has picked up Ruvati 33 x 22 Inch Drop-in Topmount as the best Kitchen Sink for 2020.

That’s why we’re trying to make it the only resource you need if you want to choose a sink for your kitchen.

And if you have any questions or would like an explanation of the models we have reviewed, please contact us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. For the time being, we wish you Happy shopping.!

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