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Amazing statistics about shopping and women

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If shopping had a gender, there’s no doubt it would be female. Everyone knows that women are the driving force when it comes to spending money in the malls. If most men consider shopping a necessary evil, women think of shopping as an adventure.

Here’s a list of the top 8 interesting facts about women’s shopping habits. But be aware that some of them might leave you speechless. If you are in a mood, you can also check out some of the most interesting facts about online shopping.

1. Women spend about 8 years shopping over the course of a lifetime.

women shopping

Yes, you heard this correctly. According to the NY Daily News the average woman spends about 400 hours shopping and makes 301 trips to the store in a single year. After everything is said and done, this accounts for 8.5 years of an average woman lifespan.

2. Women drive up to 80% of all consumer purchasing

Despite the fact that there is still a gender wage gap, women drive up to 80% of all consumer purchasing whether it’s by influence or buying power. But what does this mean in practice? Not much except that if women would stop shopping, the markets would crash, the economy would collapse and the world would come to an end.

3. Women who shop a lot are more confident and less likely to be depressed

It seems that there’s finally a cure for depression that doesn’t contain chemicals. Maybe a premium health insurance should cover shopping sprees instead of medicine and doctors should write shopping coupons instead of prescriptions. Whoever makes it happen should get the Nobel peace prize.

4. Buying a weight loss program? Shopping is a weight loss program.

Women take an average 7,305 steps when they go on a shopping spree according to some studies. Combined with carrying heavy bags and rushing around the shelves, experts calculated that women burn almost 48,000 calories per years while shopping. The average doctor’s recommended intake of calories for women is 1,940 calories. If we do some math, we can come to conclusion that women burn 24 days of food intake while shopping each year.

So the next time someone tells you to buy dumbbells and start working out, you can easily let them know that you already have a better equipment for working out; a credit card.

5. Wearing high heels makes you spend more

high heels

Have you ever noticed that your heels click more in stores than in other places? Many shop owners believe women are more likely to spend more money if they hear their heals clicking on hard surface, so they often use hard flooring hallways.

Want to save some money? Don’t wear high heels.

6. An average woman spends more money on jewelry, shoes, and watches than on higher education

According to Psychology Today, American women value jewelry, shoes and watches more than higher education. According to the Prisoner of class an average woman buys 185 dresses, over 270 pairs of shoes and 145 handbags over the course of a lifetime. And what’s even more interesting is that consumerism is on a rise and women that have just turned 20 year will buy twice as many pairs of shoes, handbags and dresses before reaching 80 years of age.

You don’t need higher education to go shopping. Am I right? If higher education is more valuable than shopping then why are there more shopping malls than high schools in the U.S.? Checkmate!

7. Most women think about shopping every minute which translates to 950 times a day.

thinking about shopping

Doing something 950 times a day is a lot by anyone’s standards. If you are a man reading this and you are shocked, consider the fact that men think about sex 8,000 times a day.

8. Women who shop clothes feel better than women who shopping kitchenware and domestic goods

This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Who cares about shopping for domestic goods? You only need one microwave and one kitchen faucet, but you can never have enough clothes.


There’s nothing wrong with shopping. It is a form of a workout, an anti-stress therapy and it fills your heart with confidence.

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